Becoin ICO and Token Sale Review



380 Days Ago


Becoin is an innovative new cryptocurrency which aims to further enhance the flexibility and trust with which cryptocurrencies operate. The asset is fully backed by transparent blockchain technology and a team which aim to see the project and currency become one of the most widely used in the entire sector.

Project Outline and Objectives

As the entire industry continues to grow at rapid speed, an increasing amount of cryptocurrencies are entering circulation. Each possesses its own positive qualities and core values. Becoin is established around the core values of being safe, secure and flexible in its use. A major issue which the currency aims to combat is the lack of fluidity among cryptocurrencies for use in daily life.

The six key features outlined by the team behind Becoin are safety, security in the sense that every transaction will be verified using ASIC computing power, there will be multiple secure wallets available for all users including business, consumers, and general public. These are implemented together with the ability to set up regular recurring payments, shop quickly and safely online, and make use of one of the most user-friendly platforms on the market.

All in all, Becoin represents an all-encompassing currency and wallet provider which finally hopes to assist crypto users to realize the goal of a life where currencies are easily used on a daily basis. The platforms secure wallet will be made available on both Android and iOS platforms.


  • SymbolBEC
  • TypeSHA256D
  • Countrychina
  • Start Date2018-07-01
  • End Date2018-12-31
  • Payment MethodBTCBTHUSD
  • Total Supply60000000
  • SectorCryptocurrency
  • PlatformSha256D Blockchain

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