Bitfex ICO and Token Sale Review



330 Days Ago


Bitfex is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. The hope of the project is that they will make crypto trading more accessible and cost effective for everyone. The first step in increasing accessibility is to reduce costs. The platform will achieve this through the lowering of commission fees which are usually associated with exchanges. This should entice new entrants to the market.

Project Outline and Objectives

It is no secret there are many decentralized exchanges in the sector, and with new projects coming on to the blockchain on a daily basis, it certainly is a high competition industry. The USP for Bitfex though is that in addition to harnessing all the benefits of other decentralized exchanges, they also plan to redistribute exchange fees to token holders.

This strategy would see each investor receive up to $350 per year from each token held. These figures are as per the projections of the project team. Without even trading at all, this could represent a healthy passive income for investors.

This is a huge selling point in tandem with the usual benefits of a decentralized exchange which are ease of access in terms of opening an account, fast and reliable trading and transfer between cryptocurrencies, and the full backing of the blockchain to provide comprehensive security along with the most transparent operations in the sector.

The platform will also offer a range of trading tools to suit all levels of trader from beginners to professional and plan to offer facilities to support margin trading as the project grows in future.


  • SymbolBITFEX
  • TypeERC20
  • Countryrussian-federation
  • Start Date2018-08-01
  • End Date2018-10-31
  • Payment MethodETH
  • Total Supply100000
  • SectorCryptocurrencyPlatformOther
  • PlatformEthereum

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