CICoin ICO and Token Sale Review



362 Days Ago


CICoin is an innovative payment processing and investment platform based on the blockchain around secure smart contract protocols which allow for safe, fast, and transparent payments across an entire network. The company vision is to capture a large network of users and merchants whilst also enticing users to invest in their safe and progressive investment tool.

Project Outline and Objectives

In the modern age, we ever-increasingly avail of the services of some online payment processors. These platforms, whilst meeting the service requirements we require, can have a number of significant drawbacks. These are especially prevalent in the areas of speed, cost, security, and verification.

Approaching the industry with a blockchain based solution, CICoin hopes to provide a payment processing platform on one end which also provides lucrative investment strategies on the other.

By working together globally with well-known merchants and institutions, the platform can provide a payment processor which is highly reliable, does not require cumbersome amounts of verification, is safe to use, and features all the transparency provided by the blockchain. Backed by the implementation of smart contracts, the team behind the project believe it to be the most secure and cost effective payment method in the industry.

Another service offered by the platform to entice users is their crypto investment program. This guarantees the provision of a wise and calculated investment strategy to see the best returns over a set period.

To provide this service the platform engages some proprietary trading technology and the most comprehensive trading algorithms to ensure minimal exposure to market volatility whilst ensuring the best possible opportunity of portfolio growth.


  • SymbolCIC
  • TypeERC20
  • Countryestonia
  • Start Date2018-05-28
  • End Date2018-06-27
  • Payment MethodUSD
  • Total Supply10000000
  • SectorInvestmentPlatform
  • PlatformEthereum