CICoin ICO and Token Sale Review



142 Days Ago


CICoin was mainly created to provide a great opportunity to their partners in making a stable income and gaining benefits from blockchain technology. This organization is all about using their implementation as an investment tool for the new generation.  CICoin provides the guarantee to make an income of 0.3% per day. They are successful in the field of stock exchange and integrate automated trading platform. This company was launched on April 2018. They have a future plan of extending their company by April 2019.


  • To invest wisely and it helps its partners to invest their income based on great investment strategies.
  • To ensure that you get your daily income and bonuses.
  • To analyze and adopt modern trends and technologies together with their own experience to create a new direction.
  • To use their own strategy where they obtained hiking financial results in cryptocurrency markets.


This project is mainly based on a smart contract where they guarantee transparency of the token emission. They distribute 10,000,000 tokens from 12,000,000 tokens among their partners. This blockchain technology will enable you to make payments from any parts of the world without spending much time in banks, mediators and other financial institutions. This technology will make sure that all your transactions is secured. In this technology, the user will be able to track any transaction but they won’t be able to see who initiated it.


  • SymbolCIC
  • TypeERC20
  • Countryestonia
  • Start Date2018-05-28
  • End Date2018-06-27
  • Payment MethodUSD
  • Total Supply10000000
  • SectorInvestmentPlatform
  • PlatformEthereum