CryptoCashCow ICO and Token Sale Review



375 Days Ago
50 % Bonus on Presale


Cryptocashcow is a blockchain based strategy game which helps users to both buy, sell, and trade their blockchain based livestock and also accumulate CCC tokens through their ownership. This project is intended as a fun game which can share the crypto world with a new generation of users. With the recent success of other similar trading platforms, projections for this project are high in anticipation.

About the Project

Upon joining the Cryptocashcow platform, users will receive one free virtual cow. This cow will act as their method of production for more CCC tokens. Each cow produced in the game is also unique and with its own attributes, produced by the blockchain based system.

Because of the unique nature of each virtual cow, they can become collectible and enjoyable to trade. Thus, the project will enable features to allow the purchasing, sale and trading of virtual “cashcows” among users.

Different virtual cows will have the ability to produce different per hour volumes of CCC tokens and the team behind the project hope that this can make the cryptocurrency exchange market accessible even to those who would not usually or cannot afford to participate.

It is certainly a unique project and with a playable and addictive undertone, who is to say it will not reach the same heights as other Ethereum based games.


The presale of the token runs until May 15th and investors during this period will be entitled to a 50% bonus on their purchases. This values the token at 75,000 CCC per 1ETH during the pre-sale period.

The ICO mainsale will then run all the way until October 31st at the regular non-discounted price of 1ETH per 50,000 CCC. There will be a minimum investment in the project of 0.1ETH.

The project has a softcap of $250,000USD and a hardcap of $1,000,000USD. 50% of the funds raised during the ICO period will be allocated to product development with 25% set aside for marketing. ETH will be the accepted form of investment to participate in this ICO.

The Token

The token is an ERC20 based token which is known by the symbol CCC on exchanges. There will be a total supply of 10,000,000,000,000 CCC tokens with 40% of these being made available during the ICO and 30% allocated to payouts during the game. The company has already reported negotiations to list on several exchanges.


  • SymbolCCC
  • TypeERC20
  • Countrybelize
  • Start Date2018-05-15
  • End Date2018-10-31
  • Payment MethodETH
  • Total Supply10000000000000
  • SectorGamingEntertainment
  • PlatformETH

Rates & Bonuses

  • 50 % Bonus on Presale

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