Gemera ICO and Token Sale Review



264 Days Ago
presale 20% > 15% | Main sale 10% > 0%


Gemera is a crypto token which is completed backed by the value of Colombian emeralds. The platform will allow investors and suppliers of the rare stones the opportunity to connect and trade with each other whilst not worrying about the existence of intermediaries in the marketplace. This is one of several advantages of being blockchain based. This level of direct communication will help to facilitate the building of trusted trade relationships.

Project Outline and Objectives

One major point which we acknowledge when examining the crypto token industry is the lack of physically backed value which many of the tokens possess. This is certainly not the case for Gemera. They have created a platform and trading marketplace which is trading in the Colombian emerald sector and meanwhile fully backed by platform holdings of emeralds.

This provides security benefits through which investors and other parties can trust in the platform and its future. The project will also allow access to an industry which has been booming of late and may be inaccessible for many investors through traditional means.

The backing of a cryptocurrency with such a secure, certified, and valuable asset is quite rare in the industry and the project team are hopeful that this backing will provide investor support and trust for this new cryptocurrency.

The experienced project team behind Gemera are hopeful of major exchange listings by the end of 2018 with continued growth opportunities and future token generation events to take place in future years. These will all be completely backed by physical assets in place.


  • SymbolGEMA
  • TypeERC20
  • Countrycolombia
  • Start Date2018-10-25
  • End Date2018-12-12
  • Payment MethodBTCBTHETHLTCCredit Cards
  • Total Supply100000000
  • SectorInvestmentOther
  • PlatformEthereum

Rates & Bonuses

  • presale 20% > 15% | Main sale 10% > 0%

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