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110 Days Ago
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Global Internet payment is a dedicated website which will enable any user to make payment to anyone in the world. The platform will be based on a cryptocurrency called GIP which will work on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. The blockchain technology is a decentralized process which is free from human errors and is highly protected. GIP eliminates the intermediary, thus making it cost-effective. It has privacy protection which other cryptocurrencies lack. It also has the feature of instant transfer of funds along with proof of transaction.


The aim of Global iPay is to create a decentralized and secure network available globally to implement self-executing transactions to make any payment.

About the Project

The platforms create a money transfer and digital payment solution with a highly secure cryptocurrency called GIP (Global Internet Payment). Digital token of cryptocurrency called GIP token will be launched by the company which will be used for all payment solutions like purchases, fund transfers and any type of monetary transactions. The technology will make use of decentralized apps which will be safeguarded and maintained on the network to perform all digital monetary transactions. The network will implement multiple security mechanisms which will protect the privacy, data and provide real-time confirmation of all transactions. It will also use a secure API ecosystem with Smart FinTech for error-free financial transactions. ERC standard ethereum token, one of the strongest blockchain technologies will be used to provide worldwide payment solutions. The platform is flexible, scalable, instant, protected, trustworthy, safe and has seamless applications in the banking and financial world.



  • SymbolGIP
  • TypeERC20
  • Countryunited-kingdom
  • Start Date2018-06-30
  • End Date2018-08-31
  • Payment MethodBTCETHUSD
  • Total Supply2100000000
  • SectorCryptocurrencySmart ContractsInvestment
  • PlatformEthereum


  • Afjal Ahmed

  • Afjal Ahmed

Rates & Bonuses

  • Bonus program: 10%

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