Matou ICO and Token Sale Review



78 Days Ago


Matou is a platform which provides reliable, convenient and smart blockchain technology to users around the world. It is an autonomous and efficient digital asset trading platform. Matou uses the Matou Global Token (MTB) for all the transactions on the platform. Matou will ensure self-certification of digital assets and will adopt rigorous security measures to protect the security of transactions. Matou has adopted multi-layer and multi-cluster system design which improves the stability, performance, security and scalability of the platform.


Matou’s goal is to create a digital asset trading platform which provides blockchain technology with the use of MTB tokens which each holder jointly builds, enjoys and manages. Matou aims to build a community-based consensus mechanism.

About the Project

Matou uses transaction fee mining in which 51% of the MTB will be distributed for free within two years from the start of Matou and half of the revenue generated from Matou will be used for repurchasing in the circulation market. Each user who purchases MTB token will be a Matou partner. The partners of MTB have the exclusive rights to platform constructions, team elections, decision-making and other activities of the platform. Matou is a digital asset trading platform which makes trading autonomous, efficient and transparent. Matou will also have the transaction fee concessions, buy-back mechanism, community rewards, business privilege, ecological plan, global partnership program, MTB investment value, and voting to participate and manage the Matou business. The MTB holders will enjoy discount and concessions on the transaction fee and will also get mining rewards.


  • SymbolMTB
  • TypeERC20
  • Countryhong-kong
  • Start Date2018-08-01
  • End Date2018-08-15
  • Payment MethodBTCETHLTC
  • Total Supply1000000000
  • SectorCryptocurrencyPlatform
  • PlatformEthereum