Micoin ICO and Token Sale Review



410 Days Ago


MiCoin is an infrastructure which is aiming to act as a bridge between the traditional business world and that of the modern, higher technology business environment. The target demographic of the project is small and medium sized business. These are the types which can sometimes struggle with the adaptation of new technologies and MiCoin is here to bridge that gap.

About the Project

The transition from the traditional business methodology, into the high technology, cutting edge word of today is no easy feat. This can be said even for the largest of corporations. Among those who tend to have the most difficult with this transition are small to medium businesses.

MiCoin hopes its system can help provide a number of assistive services to those business who require them.

  • Token based record keeping for business.
  • The implementation of blockchain backed consumer loyalty programs.
  • A system to catalogue company assets in a digital way.
  • Reward plans for advertising and product services where consumers can also potentially benefit from participating in the promotional process.
  • Providing an audit trail which companies can easily use if under inspection.
  • The system will also help to cater for the conversion of cryptocurrency back to fiat currency if so required. This will be at a minimal cost.

Overall, this project could represent a large stepping stone toward helping engage more small and medium sized enterprises in the blockchain sphere.


The ICO will run from May 8th in Presale. This will make way for the ICO crowdsale to take place between June 1st and September 1st.

The project has a hardcap of 10,000ETH for the ICO. This can be contributed in the form of ETH and BTC. The standard, non-discounted price of a token will be $0.01.

The project team are highly experienced and pride themselves on the security, transparency and precision which the platform has to offer. All whilst striving for a cashless economy to benefit all business.

The Token

The token itself will be ERC20 compliant and base on the Ethereum network. There will be a sale supply of 5,000,000,000 MIC tokens available during the ICO. This represents 50% of the total supply. The remainder will be managed by the MIC foundation for the continual development needs of the platform.

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  • SymbolMIC
  • TypeERC20
  • Start Date2018-06-01
  • End Date2018-09-01
  • Payment MethodBTCETH
  • Total Supply10000000000
  • SectorBusiness Services
  • PlatformEthereum