Neogame ICO and Token Sale Review



172 Days Ago


Neogame is a unique and innovative blockchain based lottery game. The first of its kind, the project team hope that this non-profit lottery game based on the decentralized blockchain can revolutionize how we perceive gaming and how we participate in lottery-based games. The platform will be fully autonomous when launched.

Project Outline and Objectives

Lottery is always a game of chance. The problems existing with traditional centralized lottery games are related to a lack of transparency and a high rate of profit, up to 50%, from some centralized lottery games. Neogame will entirely change this system.

The game will be fully autonomous, based on immutable smart contracts and automatically calculated based on the number of tokens sold. This means there will be absolutely no room for outside interference and players can completely trust in the game system.

The game will also be scalable, as token values and sales increase, so too will the jackpots provided through gameplay. All of the funds invested into the game will be returned to the players who can anonymously claim their winnings in the form of the platform native token immediately.

The project team, once the sale has concluded will also give back total control of the platform to users, This means the platform will be completely algorithmically based and in the complete public interest of the players, operating with the highest degrees of transparency.

It is projected that the project will become completely autonomous and run by the integrated smart contracts by February 2019.


  • SymbolTKT
  • TypeERC20
  • Countryunited-states
  • Start Date2018-10-31
  • End Date2018-11-30
  • Payment MethodETH
  • Total Supply500000000
  • SectorCryptocurrencyGaming
  • PlatformEthereum