Quadcorechain ICO and Token Sale Review



203 Days Ago
1eth=400,000+ 20%


Quadcorechain is a decentralized live video streaming platform which will be based on the blockchain. The platform hopes to facilitate the migration of existing live streamers from more traditional, centralized platform in tandem with inspiring new streamers to join the community based live streaming platform. The project aims to create the most positive conditions possible to encourage these movements within the sector.

Project Outline and Objectives

Ultimately, live video streaming on any platform engages a community of users to both enjoy content, continue producing, and collaborate with one another. Coincidentally, these also form some of the key core point within the blockchain movement. Quadcorechain feels it is time to introduce a project which combines these two elements.

The main aim of the platform is to encourage the sharing aspect of live streaming and provide a platform which can facilitate in direct communication between users, brands, business, and celebrities with positive gains for all stakeholders involved.

The platform will embrace the roots of community and togetherness in founding its network and ensure that all transactions within that space are kept as secure and as transparent as allowed by the backing of the blockchain. As the user base continues to grow and business partners continue to enter partnerships, the platform will organically grow I reach and reputation.

The experienced team behind the project aim for it to be available in both web and mobile formats to cater for the increasingly diverse markets.


  • SymbolQUAD
  • TypeERC20
  • Countryphilippines
  • Start Date2018-09-30
  • End Date2018-11-19
  • Payment MethodBTCETH
  • Total Supply500000000
  • SectorCryptocurrencyGamingInternetCommunicationEntertainment
  • PlatformEthereum

Rates & Bonuses

  • 1eth=400,000+ 20%