Stoxum ICO and Token Sale Review



81 Days Ago
Up to +30% on closed pre-sale


The decentralized exchange is known for its reliability and the centralized one for speed, but it’s rare that a cryptocurrency exchange platform is a mix of both the world. There are several obstacles in accessing the cryptocurrency instruments as there is no clarity in government regulations. The cryptocurrency exchange is not an easy place for the novice because due to some restraining factor if there is a drop in the cryptocurrency market, then the new users would think of staying away from the world of cryptocurrency.

All this happens due to the absence of legislative regulation in the market, once it is achieved, then the volume will increase at a steady rate and the users will also not lose faith in cryptocurrency. Stoxum is trying to win the users with their unique marketing strategy. The Stoxum token owners will become the co-owner of Stoxum and will have a share in the exchange’s profit revenue.

About Stoxum

Apart from co-owning the platform, the token holders enjoy several other advantages like the access to the complete financial report online along with the ability to persuade voters in order to add new tokens. The token holders have the option to increase their income with multi-level partner plan, receive privileges and bonus while withdrawing the currency and also earning commission while trading.

The model is created in such a way that the users become a part of the platform and start taking an interest in developing the site for their own benefit. They would attract more traffic through the partner system as they are the marketing core of this project.

The traders, on the other hand, will also enjoy benefits from the platform due to the abundant operational support and lack of technical problems. The traders can access the accessible and clear interface of Stoxum. The registration is pretty simple. The users can register with the platform by entering their name, nickname, and email address along with a password. The data remains encrypted, so the users won’t have to worry about data security.

Once the registration is done, the users will acquire a personal purse for each cryptocurrency. Even the withdrawal and deposit of cryptocurrency has been made easy on this platform. The user interface can be changed as per preferences using different colours, logos and graphics. A project can also be run on one’s own domain under their own brand. Stoxum (STM) token can be used to perform many actions on this platform.


  • SymbolSTM
  • TypeRipple
  • Start Date2018-07-01
  • End Date2018-08-10
  • Payment MethodBTCETHLTC
  • Total Supply200000000
  • SectorBusiness ServicesInvestmentPlatform
  • PlatformRipple

Rates & Bonuses

  • Up to +30% on closed pre-sale